I cannot mint the 2nd NFT #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I am faced with the fact that I cannot upload my picture on the “NFT creation” page. It was my second NFT mint. The first one did not have any problems.
Here is the video of the issue: ZKSwap bug report #V3 Testnet #Feedback - YouTube

Design of the site is kinda similar with the disign of minaprotocol.com but I guess it does not matter. Only a gradient on the background and positions of buttons with logo.

Mining page is not available yet, I guess.

Also, there is no link to this forum in your blog. In the “Event details” paragraph, phrase “(add link)” looks like it is missing something
ht tps://zks .org/en/blog/227
Sorry for doing such a link, because of I am new on this site I can not type more than 2 links in my message.

With the exception of one problem, It was a pleasurable expirience for me to participate in the test network. Animations and transitions are very smooth and fast, User Interface is brilliant. I have tested several similar projects, and your project has much more pros than others. Other projects can not even give an opportunity to sell your NFTs, for instance “Burnt Finance”.

Moreover, props to guide’s creator, the guide was written very well and it was much easier for me to complete the test of network.
Good luck with the launching of V3 mainnet!

UPD1: Today I tested the purchase of NFT on your website. Everything went pretty well, but with one point that I do not understand. In the settings, I choose “ZKS” as a fee token, but during the transaction, the contract used 10 $USDT instead of $ZKS. Is this how it should be or is it a bug?

UPD2: Today I put up for sale my NFT, which I bought in UPD1. Everything went smoothly. Nothing but good.

L2 address: 0x95E99c2f491707fD281a7b46356328Ab5F1F9C5A