Learning to navigate zkswap

After hearing the buzz about Zksync and Zkswap, I was very excited to get started using the many tools on each site. The most impressive feature I realized off the bat was the incredible reduction in gas fees for sending funds, swapping tokens and minting NFTs in the L2 network. After trying out Zksync and Zkswap I was a little confused as to why they were on separate websites. Are they not tied together in some form or fashion? So for example I was confused when I deposited funds in my L2 account On zksync but couldn’t see those funds on zkswap. Another Issue I am having is finding my NFTs that I bought through Opensea. I purchased 2 that were described to be on my L2 wallet via ZKsync, however ever since I made those purchases, I have yet to find them anywhere. I didhet a message from the distributor (PhantomGlaxies) that I am not able to see my NFTs because they are on my L2 wallet, What I am trying to understand is how do I see them on my L2 wallet. When I link my wallet to Zksync, they do not appear, so where on earth are they and how can users view them as a sense of security at the very least? All in all I am very pleased with the apps, and testnet versions of the use of ZKrollups. I believe they are going to be a big part of the future and look forward to being apart of this ground breaking technology about to be unleashed on a “greater scale” (pun intended). Lastly, if there will be any issuance of a zksync token or coin, please keep me in the loop. I follow the twitter channel, discord, and read the medium pages religiously. However, if there is something I am unaware of, please feel free to keep me in the loop. Thank you