LibertyFTW #V3 Testnet Feedback#

  1. when uploading nft, it should retain data as long as tabs are open. Also, it should specify how much amount needed for mint instead of ‘insufficient balance’.

  2. for swap page, when you click ‘max’ the amount is different from what is available in l2 wallet.

  3. sort by price option would be nice while checking nfts.

Some repeat already mentioned by others:

  1. faucet doesn’t work, been close to 12 hours

  2. why is the swap values are so low? 0.1 eth=$3!?

  3. why gas fees are so high for withdraw? 1 eth fees to withdraw to l1 even when on testnet?

Address: 0xF656D3E706E422Ad1Ceb2d7b83dda31A24004EFf

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It’s not 300 words but I don’t have anything more to say