#V3 testnet #feedback Displaying wrong $ on Eth

The website is a bit wonky and slow - sometimes you click wallet and it refreshes back to NFT, other times nothing happens. The website being slow is not on my end (500mbps internet) but the transactions themselves were pretty fast (~30sec or less). As I’m editing this post, I have the page trying to load on the wallet to get my address and it is just stuck trying to load the NFT mall, even though I have clicked L2 wallet a few times now.

It is also showing the wrong $ amount on the Eth. Not sure if it’s because is still a testnet, but I’ve deposited over 0.15Eth and it says it’s only worth about 5$… which means I am not being able to mint anything (and with rinkeby faucet down, not easy getting across Rinkeby Eth). This means it took me about .25 Eth to mint an NFT, which seems a bit… overboard, if that were to be the real prices on mainnet.

At this point, I haven’t been able to get my NFT. I have minted it over 5min ago and nothing shows up, I still have all my Eth and no NFT. I’ll give it a bit more time. The process to create the NFT is really simple, really intuitive, a monkey could do it. I’d suggest making the plagiarism thingy at the bottom a bit bigger and more readable, because I was looking around for a while at first on why I wasn’t being able to mint the NFT.

Then, 20 character limits on NFT title is a bit silly. I tried naming my first NFT “Fabien, Lord of the Darkness” and even this couldn’t fit, which seems like a simple enough title for an NFT. At least 30 characters should be used, and even that can be stretching it thin.

Edit 2: my first minting try failed. I had to resubmit. Unsure why it failed, because it showed like everything was going through but then it did not. The website is now getting very very slow, borderline unusable, the NFT page doesn’t load but also doesn’t change to the others (even though it does in the URL bar) - maybe because a lot of people are using it?

I also noticed that I couldn’t swap my LINK for more Eth (which was my first resort when I saw the faucets were empty). I later discovered that it is being displayed as user_33, while showing that the LINK balance is 0. Same happens in the liquidity pools, couldn’t provide liquidity because my LINK is not being recognised.

Other than that, it’s a great DEX, the interface is great and intuitive and I’m looking forward to see it working mainnet. I’m very anti-Eth due to L1 being a mess, but ZK-rollups are winning over my heart.

My address: 0x01077FCf4180EB68Fc341Bbe68B3ae3cE63D977a (although I am unsure if this is correct because apparently I’m too dumb to figure out where to get the L2 address from, as everywhere I look just shows my regular address)

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