#V3 Testnet feedback# 12/3/21

L2 Address: 0xed2727a9967bbed4b9b0418b133f10bdbd538283

I have utilized the faucet twice and done a few swaps and the swaps were seamless. The UI is easy to navigate through and understand without having to poke around too much. Fees were also negligible.

As of the time of writing this is my second day using the protocol and I have already run into 2 issues of varying importance.

1.The token balance doesn’t show up correctly in the wallet. I swapped my 100 usdt for some eth and it is showing up as .25 eth , which equals over 1k usdt at the time. The usd balance shows correctly but its the token balance thats inconsistent. I then swapped 100 usdt for link and it showed I had 44 link in my wallet which is obviously incorrect. I think its just a simple 10’s place error.

2.I used the faucet for some test tokens on 12/1/21 approx 11:35pm est and I did it again 24 hours later. Upon waking up today , my balance , transaction history and etherscan no longer show any of the tokens I recieved more than 24 hours ago. My wallet balance went from about 550$ usd to about 200$ usd today. Not sure if the tokens are supposed to disappear after about 36 hours but thats what happened to me.

Thank you for your time and dedication.