Some bugs will be fixed and features should add #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Finally able to test the testnet. It was not a good experience. First tried to get some testnet token from faucet but it is a matter of sorrow that the faucet is not working properly. It is the slowest faucet i have ever seen. Request again and again but the request always in pending.

Now lets talk about L2 wallet .
I think the l2 wallet features is still not complete because i saw some bug on wallet. The value of my ether was incorrect. I think it will solve after todays major update that is happening currently. Hope the problem will be solve.

L2 Swap…
I didn’t see any major change from previous version on V3. It looks like same. I don’t face any problem with swapping. So its ok.

Now lets talk about our dream feature Nft "

The nft marketplace looks like awesome. It has profile option minting option buy and sell option. And the minting process are super fast. It rake under 1minute to mint any nft. That’s really cool thing. Love it. But still i think it need some correction.
There are no option to filter nft. It is really necessary. Because it will help users to find their nft fast.
And the team also missed the bidding option. On any nft marketplace fixed rate nft not only one option. There should be an bidding option added to nft. This will help every users to bid the popular nft. And highest bidder will get the nft. This will also help the creators get the original price of a nft.
That’s it thanks for giving us the opportunity