#V3 Testnet #Feedback – Ambitious, but interface could be tightened

Sup. My L2 address is 0x9566d74174E6564A639639Bd4F3d64e2877378e7

Love what you are doing. I’ve focused on trying to give constructive criticism since you’d probably prefer to hear that, but there was a lot that I liked about it the app/site! Excited to see what the future holds. :loud_sound: :bat:

The “Unlock Wallet” button could maybe be redesigned to be more obvious. Or perhaps it works as a foregrounded window in the middle of the screen. Maybe I’m a dumbass but after leaving the page to get some ETH from a faucet and coming back to ZKSwap I was confused for a few seconds why my wallet hadn’t loaded. Especially because I could see my wallet address in the top row, which in other apps is the indication that your wallet is connected. So making that Unlock Wallet button more obvious could avoid momentary confusion by people like me who can’t see what’s in front of them if it doesn’t jump out at them!

I like being able to view your tokens and NFTs alongside one another.

It would be nice to have a more obvious “Your transaction was successful!” pop up. Uniswap has a bubble top right which is quite helpful. I guess it’s all so quick with ZK that maybe that’s less needed, but it’s what I’m used to so I wasn’t sure where to look to confirm that transaction was successful. Maybe I’ve just become so used to Uniswap though.

I like that you can pay the fee in different tokens. Will this remain the base three or could the fee be paid in any token? That would be helpful for times when you accidentally use up too much of the fee token. Having to go to an exchange to get more, then get it on the L2 … that could be a pain. On ramps could make this easier of course, but it’d be even cooler if any token could be used for fees. Maybe there’s technical limitations to that that I’m not aware of though.

I couldn’t try this because it was asking me for a transaction fee of 1.5 ETH and I only found a working faucet that would give me 0.1 ETH / 24 hours.

Pictures didn’t load properly when I first opened this section of the app.

The NFT Mall button seems to just make the spotlighted NFTs disappear. Feels a bit odd and I didn’t feel the need to press it until I came to right this and had another look. Feels like the button would take you to a different section, but it just goes to a kinda different version of the page as it already is.

I minted an NFT and a bit of the image got cut off. Perhaps the preview could bias towards adding space around an image rather than cropping it? It cut off a vital piece of my NFT image, which had text at the top. So in the card preview my NFT looks like just a block of colour, but it actually has text at the top that’s hidden. It is an unorthodox piece (token ID 4446), but it would be cool if NFTs of all dimensions were better represented within the card preview (within reason, of course. A 10x500 image is never going to fit nicely).

The slight zoom when you hover over an image feels kinda cheap and default. Lots of default Wordpress themes have something like that.

The “Welcome to artist” bottom boilerplate is kinda weird. That title doesn’t really make sense. Is it addressing me as “artist”, or is “artist” the name of this section of the website? Also it feels odd at the bottom of the page. What purpose is it serving? If someone doesn’t know what an NFT is then why are they here? Also there’s typos in the text. Maybe this is just placeholder text. It’s also odd that the “Let’s Go” button takes you to mint an NFT. It’s not obvious that’s where it will take you, and why would you want a button to do that at the bottom of the page when there’s already a button at the top of the page?

Again, gas fees were super high. I had to combine faucet deposits from two wallets into one to be able to afford to mint this. Maybe this is some general thing with these sorts of testnet applications, I’m not sure. I could have hunted harder for a better faucet. (The Paradigm link you provide didn’t work for me for some reason. It claimed it sent it to me but I never received it. Maybe operator error…)

Not sure what this is supposed to be. Just blank for me.

Dark mode please!

I like how you have everything in one place. It’s very feature heavy. An AMM with an NFT market alongside is cool. It does begin to feel a bit like a walled garden, but I guess perhaps that is what you’re going for.

It’s confusing that ZKSwap is such a similar name to ZKSync. I’ll be honest, when I first came across ZKSwap I thought it was just a DAPP on ZKSync, and I was confused why my ZKSync balance wasn’t showing up. Maybe both of your teams could organise some underground fight to decide who gets to keep the naming convention…