My opinion and expectations #V3 testnet Feedback#

It is my pleasure to contribute in this forum. I am really happy that the team give us the chance to share our experience on v3 testnet. The testnet features are really awesome. I tested it some times ago and fells really good. And waiting for official lwunch. It will be a great success for zkswap. Because in current world nft is a great thing. And without nft features no project will be proper fullfill. With this update zkswap is now a fullfill project. People will start using this because of zero gas fee. Previously we spend millions of $ just for gas. Now? The scenario is changed we are now able to create without high gas fee. This is really awesome. Hope team will marketing properly in social media so we get more Users on zkswap. The more user we get, the greater success we gain.
Best of luck for upcoming change. Thank you again.