My own feedback #V3 testnet feedback#

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to write here… This is the reason why i love community driven project. This is the power of community driven project. And zkswap at it best.

Nowadays nft are most popular in current world. Thanks for the nft features. Hope Zkswap success in this area.

2days ago i mint my first ever nft on layer2 marketplace. I am so excited about mainnet.
To mint my first ever nft it takes only 1 minute. That was awesome experience foe me. I never though it was that first.

Although all things are ok but i still think there are lot of things to be review. There are a lot of bugs out there. One of them are buying nft. I triend a buy nft it show buy nft done but there were no nft on my wallet. I again buy the same nft and this time buy done successful. I think this is a bug. Hope this bug will solve in mainnet.
Another suggestions is please review all nft and list only quality nft on marketplace. This will be great.

Address: 0xd2D8F8BCD8E2158c26E3Eeb13d5364B3546b9e0d