My proposal for #ZKSwap Rebranding#

My proposal for #ZKSwap Rebranding#

In the conditions of the new economy of commodity abundance and tougher competition, branding is considered as one of the important activities in the organization, which has a direct impact on the financial results of the organization. Information and knowledge spread instantly, new ideas, technologies, physical characteristics are easy to copy. New differentiation tools, namely unique, emotional, intangible characteristics, which are achieved with the help of the brand, are becoming increasingly important for the organization.

I suggest calling the project GOTO. GOTOSwap is a play on words and a call to action! :running_man: The action itself is already embedded in the name, while separately it sounds very interesting and solid. GOTO itself sounds like the name of a large corporation. :sunglasses:

In the future, there is a prospect of using this concept for other products of the company.