[#ZKSwap V2 Testnet Feedback#] - some minor problems

Hey team, first of all, really good job!
I tested the desktop version (chrome; windows 10), I had no major problems. I deposited various coins, the deposit was really fast (ca 5min).

I added liquidity to various pairs, that also worked without major issues and fast a few days ago, today it doesn’t work at all and just shows “unknown error” after I pressed “supply”.

I tried the swap function, also no major issues, but somehow the transaction history and the swap history was not working yesterday. It just showed the ZKSwap symbol moving. Today it works again.

When I try to withdraw back to L1, it is not working and just shows “unknown error” after I press “withdraw”.

Also I would like to see the USDT price per coin in the history when I click on details (the price I bought it for), that would make it a lot easier in general. But that was bothering me in V1 already. Maybe you can fix this.

When I go to the https://v2.zkswap.info/ website to check out my account in the explorer, there are a lot of Chinese letters which are confusing and should be translated.

Overall, just a few things to complain about, great job!