USA and English focused promotion_ custom referral codes _consider plans for an outline for a zks native or established project partnership launch pad

Me and my small team have been building a free crypto content website and platform. (We are also trying to create a buy order dapp for L2_zkswap, which we are close to completing the bones of.)

we would like to open a discussion regarding creating an outline for promotional referral codes for influencers esp state side. We could do a semi formal kyc and custom referral codes for those like us that can meet some basic kyc-ish standards while keeping the dex and decentralized spirit. This could be accomplished by verifying twitter discord or social media and website followers and traffic. basically does this person or group exist and what are there overall intentions and digital footprint. We would also suggest a min amount of zks staked in order to receive a custom, or even tiered depending on amount staked, for referral bonuses etc._FTX n others do a more that person you referred swaps the more kickbacks that refer-ee would receive. (this would create some ongoing complications in order to automate unless a snapshot and airdrop system is in place)

Me and my team have been early users and involved with promotion with the original dex’s, zkswap was somewhat modeled after. Uniswap we just missed the air drop but have been involved early. 1inch we found very early and love the idea of the swap aggregator (is this possible for zks if a layer 2 swap dex becomes the standard ie large amounts of liquidity on multiple L2 dex’s. the permission_security would be the issue here, no?) We have also played on other L2’s matic loopring and even other chains like BSC avalanch etc.

This semi or loose organization of good actors or genuine zkswap promotors and verified influencers acan act kind of as the decentralized “filter” or indirect kyc that can open the door for zks native project incubators (like trustswap, occam fi and cardstarter, or any one of the other project launch pads out there.) The biggest risk there being or launching a garbage or even a rug pull project. Instead of rigorous kyc if there is a natural process or “hoops” every project will need to get through to even be considered. The L2 and advanced permissions and seperate L2 liquidity could go a long way in ensuring that launch pad projects are good actors or at least what they say they are with some liquidity of their own. if these projects launch on zkswap they would need to provide liquidity for several pairs like x_ eth btc usdt n some or no zks depending on these informal KYC or good faith or good actor guarantees. There could even be a separate layer created by having a sim set up where anyone can list a token if provide liquidity. this could be sim in this case with some added checks n balances like zksG token voting etc etc etc etc

sorry this is all over the place and a bit of a ramble but wanted to begin these much needed topics now that V2 is up and zkswap can promote again.

we are here to help and do not want any special consideration or compensation. Just occasional access to zkswap dev team with an eye on promotion state side.

I want to take a quick sec and explain our motivation here. We have played on most if not all L1 n L2 dex including matic, BSC, u name it. This is by far the most user friendly and well thought out L2 n even L1 dex we have encountered. The way the LABs zkswap team re branded the zksinc code while making the project, now zks’s project, that much better. When we saw the zks team realize the scalability issues with zksnarks n optimistic roll ups, stop all promotion and liquidity gathering to build out V2, we where all in. That and seeing the team working holidays, sundays, u name it. this goes a long way for us. zkswap got some back bone and is willing to adapt. this is crucial, as you know, to stay relevant and grow in this wild west crypto eco system.

Sincerely, HustleGrindMomentum@ The GroundedCrypto T3Am.