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I really like zksync and was happy to take part in the testnet.
Let me start with the technical errors.

  1. ZKSwap does not support ledger hardware wallet. This is not a bug, but the problem is that it’s not written anywhere. I connect my ledger do unlock wallet and… nothing happens, again I press unlock wallet, also nothing happens. Maybe you should display some kind of error or warning that the ledger is not supported.
  2. When I make a deposit on l2, I can confirm the maximum amount twice. I.e. I sent max amount the first time and now I have no ETH in my account, but I can do confirmation again and get no error. The second transaction gives error 404 on etherscan

Problems with UI

  1. If I’m looking at some NFT, in Discover More, I will see the same item first, and so everywhere!
    So the first item I see in “Discover More” is a duplicate of the page I’m looking at
  2. Not enough filtering. By price, number of requests, etc.

These are the main errors I found. The rest is not critical.

Thank you for your work !

l2 0x8aad47AFE01f97D1F70E28C7877100d13F0B3B1c