#V3 Testnet Feedback# A bumpy ride with a happy end

ZKSwap got my attention some weeks ago and the possibility to participate in the testing to become eligible for the airdrop made was exciting.

I followed the great step-by-step tutorial (thank you!) but unfortunately, I just could not manage to unlock the wallet. Joining two telegram channels did not help, besides several “direct messages scammer”, someone told me to reload and try again.

My setup was the latest MetaMask connected to a ledger nano s with the latest firware (2.1.0). Finally, I got a good tip on discord: there was another user failing to unlock the wallet with MetaMask and a ledger. I created a new account without the ledger and from that point on, everything worked like a charm! This was the customer experience I was hoping to experience from the beginning.

The first thing I did was to deposit some funds to L2 and after that, I was heading over to the NFT section. There was a nice, affordable picture on top, so I decided to buy it. After that, I headed to my pics folder and decided to upload a nice photo of a cool lightshow that I took during a concert. Shortly after that, I bought another NFT.

The whole process of buying NFTs was very smooth and fast, also the transfer of the funds was easy and rocket fast. I did then decide to swap some funds and again. Smooth and fast. The last test for today was adding some liquidity. I went with DAI/USDT and the whole process was very easy and fast.

Before I call it a day, I am going to put one of the NFTs to the market. I am sure it’s going to be fast, easy and fun as all the other functions I’ve tested. However, I was really missing a good filter/sort function in the NFT mall.

Will be great to see how ZKSwap V3.0 is developing from here. Please make sure you fix the MetaMask – ledger nano s issue though, it was quite annoying and I almost gave up.

Many thanks for your hard work and only the best of luck for the future!

L2 wallet: 0xb55478602d85b842c36e80a061102f91567de9d1

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