#V3 testnet #feedback about V3 testnet

my opinion, I use the Zkswap deposit feature and good nft printing but deposit confirmation takes time to transact, waits for a long sale while the purchase is very fast, we just have to choose an NFT that we can afford to buy. This application site has the list of features of NFT printing is very easy to use and transactions are fast. but some other necessary features like we have to be able to set maker commission percentage for future NFT transactions when printing NFT. I would also suggest ZKswap to provide an “add tag” option so that people can easily search for any NFT using keywords. dex also works well and is very fast. good job, other than that the swap consists of 2 parts, all of which make it easier for users like us to exchange cryto currency on the eth network that we want to get, using the cryto currency that we have on the eth network … by using METAMASK on the network (Rinkeby test network)

in the future, I hope that in V3 it can be even better, to all the teams who made this V3, we have appreciate the best…hopefully it continues to develop for the better…that’s my opinion about this V3 testnet…thank you, good luck…