#V3 Testnet Feedback# Creation by Gross

Creation by Gross


First I installed Chrome on my new computer. Then I installed Metamask and typed in the tap url: https://faucet.zks.org, then I switched to the Rinbky test network and connected to my wallet via metamask, and the tap prompted it to send me 100 ZKS and 100 USDT test coins.


Then I went to zkswap’s v3 beta website:
But I didn’t find the test pen on it, there was a mistake here, so I recharge my ETH test currency to enter the second floor, and recharge 1.2 ETH, but I found that the price is 60000U, it should be wrong, because in


Step 3 When I recharge my own eth to the account, I will use him to test the transaction function, the main test
·Exchange of the token (2 times)
·Pool addition of the tokens
·The token transfer of the L2
·Tokens of L2 were extracted to L1
· From L1 recharge tokens to L2

These tests down, overall very smooth, except just I have reported that price inconsistent with elsewhere, other are ok pairs, token exchange authorization is suddenly better, this is much faster than a layer, like this su very much


I started to test the nft function
·Author’s homepage settings
·Creation of nft
·nft purchase
I created 5 simple strokes of nft,

uploading on it is really fun, the cost of creating nft is very low, and the speed is very fast, but I found that there is no way to create a lot of nft at the same time, if I have 1000 clicks 1000 times, this is really a waste of my time, I hope there is a batch creation function here

By testing, I found the following problems
A Shows that I received the test token for the test tap but found it after logging in zks
B The price display of the inside token is not common from the actual, or very different, this may be that the prophecy machine has not done well
C No batch creation function of nft

I am very happy to participate in the test of the zkswap v3 version. The products brought by the pragmatic developers are amazing.
My address: 0xE9A98eA561c02FF2Ea48dAEd289D58ce337621CB