#V3 Testnet Feedback# from me Test report

Test report
#1 First I opened the faucet address of zkswap: faucet.zks.org, and received test tokens

#2 Then I connected to the test URL: v3.zks.app, ready to test the zkswap v3 version, but I didn’t find the test coin, what’s the matter, where did it go? Can’t wait, I recharged my test eth into the test network, recharged into 1.2 eth test tokens, the display price is 60000usdt, this is a wrong price, because on the main network, the price should only be 6000usdt, it may be a test The reason of the net

#3 Then I can’t wait to start my test
The test is mainly about these contents
· Exchange of L2 tokens (2 exchanges)
·Try to add liquidity
·Try to withdraw and recharge L2 tokens to L1

After these tests, the overall performance went well. Except that the price I quoted just now is inconsistent with elsewhere, the others are correct. The token exchange authorization is suddenly better, which is much faster than the first level. I like this speed very much. The time spent on these exchanges is definitely It’s half an hour, now I finished it in 2 minutes, it’s really a pleasant surprise, thanks for the speed

#4 I started to test the nft function
·The author’s homepage she
·The creation of nft
· Purchase of nft content

I created 5 simple strokes of nft,

uploading on it is really fun, the cost of creating nft is very low, and the speed is very fast, but I found that there is no way to create a lot of nft at the same time, if I have 1000 clicks 1000 times. This is really a waste of my time. I hope that there is a batch creation function here that will allow me to deploy nft in batches faster.

Through the above test, I found 3 problems:

  1. The value of the token is different from the eth mainnet, maybe because this is a testnet
  2. The gas fee charged when exchanging tokens is too low. This is best to be higher. The fee income is used to buy back zks. Only in this way can the development of the ecology be promoted.
  3. When the number of nfts that need to be created is relatively large, there is a lack of batch contracts or tools to achieve
    I am very happy to participate in the test of the zkswap v3 version. The products brought by the pragmatic developers are amazing.

My address: 0xE9A98eA561c02FF2Ea48dAEd289D58ce337621CB