#V3 Testnet #Feedback for everyone

After I experience this product, although there are many unsatisfied points, what I really like about this exchange is the transaction speed. I must say the speed is very fast.
However, I found the interface not very good. I found it too bright. In the NFT mall section, I suggest that we add to make the product images smaller . The interface needs more dark themes.
In the Mint NFT section, we need to add the suggested price to this section when we post the product because it is more convenient for us to trade.
Need other liquidity pairs like shiba , Matic , BNB
I found the profile section to be too sketchy. We need social links like Facebook or Twitter
In the search box, you should search for different price ranges, categories, and prices from low to high.

1 First, I tested the storage function of eth. After about 10 minutes of storage, ETH entered L2. I felt that the speed was much higher than that of V2, which was an empirical improvement.

2 then I tested the currency exchange function of zkswap. I tried to exchange eth into Dai and usdt, but how can 0.1 eth be exchanged for 0.2 Dai? This is a bug. There is no Oracle quotation and it is easy to be attacked. The exchange and signature process was very smooth. After signing, it was successful all at once

3 L2 transfer function, OK, because I don’t know who to transfer it to. I didn’t test this one

4 I test the author introduction setting of NFT. The author’s introduction is mainly text and pictures, as well as personal web page and resume. Can I go deeper into the resume? At present, I can only input less than 200 words, and it’s best to have more words, so that the author can fully introduce himself

Address l2 :