#V3 Testnet Feedback# General Feedback

A very efficient and quick way to swap and mint NFT using ZK-Rollups. I loved the UI, it was very easy to use. The transfer from L1 wallet to L2 wallet was instantaneous. I would suggest including a filter option to filter the NFTs in the marketplace. Overall I love the project! Everything seemed super easy to use and smooth to transition between for someone slightly newer to the crypto space - so I appreciate that!

The NFT mall should be more organized according to the

  1. Mode of payment: the ones paid for with ETH should be separated from those of USDT, etc.
  2. NFT category: painting, photography, 3D art, 2D art, anime, etc.

Also, it would be good if

  1. The transaction fees for providing liquidity can be minimized as well.
  2. verified artist, featured collection, and featured artist are added.

About deposit NFT, I think a quick guide on how to deposit NFT from L1 to L2.

Don’t forget to add fan-favorite: Dark Mode.