#V3 Testnet Feedback# i amrockets

Use a wallet: Metamask
Browser: Chrome

I used the NFT casting feature, cast an NFT, created it immediately, and then saw it in my L2 wallet, which was really amazing. So quickly

Found several problems:

  1. There is no collection function in THE NFT interface. For me who track and follow multiple projects, this problem is fatal.

2: V3 is a new version, the UI interface and animation conversion of rocket launch confirmation, can we make a completely different version? Although the development of the protocol has a lot of modifications with V1. V2, I feel that the update is not big, maybe there are no major changes in UI

  1. Besides voting governance, can GZKS play more roles in NFT market? ZKS users get GZKS through zkswap lock-in, or ZKS returns at the same time. Is it considered to give gas privileges to users with GZKS or have different privileges when NFT is shaped? Hopefully, GZKS will play a role in all aspects of the agreement.

  2. Without Nft fragmentation function, What is Nft fragmentation? In general, an NFT token is converted to an ERC-20 token, so that users trading an NFT token can trade the ERC-20 token converted from that NFT token on the DEX. This conversion of NFT to ERC-20 is often referred to in the industry as fragmentation. NFT fragmentation does not mean breaking the work into many pieces, but rather dividing the ownership of the work.

NFT fragmentation, similar to a “stock split” in traditional financial markets, increases market liquidity by splitting a higher denomination stock into several lower denomination shares. NFT fragmentation is an excellent opportunity for investors with small capital volume to participate in the NFT market. When they are afraid of the sky-high PRICE of NFT, the fragmentation of NFT makes them see the possibility of directly participating in the NFT boom and benefiting from it. In addition, the popularity of the whole NFT market also provides a premise for fragmentation OF NFT.

If there is NFT fragmentation function, it is different from other L2 NFT markets. I hope that there are differences to start the market.

Anyway, zkswap v3 is here! It was such a happy moment

I hope mainnet will launch soon, this is probably just some of what I know, maybe more people have better feedback.

To contact me:0x012dD4e2AE87d680aaf8d9fDc2652e0B55dC619D

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