#V3 Testnet #Feedback Ready

This is a fairly fast development in my opinion, this is a new movement that must exist, because now the trend is NFT, then ZKS should have the NFT feature to become number one among the others, this NFT trend is being discussed a lot people because this is a new technology, so when ZKS did a V3 testnet which contained the NFT feature, I immediately tried it and after I tried it there were a few things I had to talk about in this forum, such as:

  1. The ZKS team should add a filter to the NFT menu to make it easier for users to find the NFT they want.

  2. In the mining menu there is no display when I open it, this must be fixed immediately because it is more relevant

  3. On the language menu there is only English, there must be another language that must be added

  4. The list of tokens on the swap menu is incomplete and still small, the ZKS Team must also improve it to increase the list of existing tokens

The most interesting thing is the brand new tab “NFT Wallet”. Here your NFTs are collected on the second layer, and it is also possible to move NFTs from L1 to L2. Here we should stop. Replenishment is implemented through manual entry of address and NFT’s ID, which may create difficulties for new users with insufficient experience. I think you should introduce a visual display of all your NFTs on L1 as a list with thumbnails.

I know ZKSwap since the first version and I am happy to see how the project evolves over time, there are new trends of DEFI, NFT and many other things. My personal evaluation of the current version is 5/5, great job done. However, you can never stop there, and I know the ZKSwap team can do even better. All that’s left to do is change a few small things and get out of there. Thank you for your attention.

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