#V3 Testnet #Feedback - I hope this helps

Learning from testnet V2, I think it’s better than V2 with more perfect features than V2. the problem of buying and selling NFT…still confused about how to buy or sell NFT, because there are no complete details on how to buy or sell it, thank you :pray: I still understand the swap problem in V3, it’s still the same as in V2 it’s easy and easy…hope I can give you instructions more detailed,

#1.During my use, I found that a sliding slash will appear under the button. I will have a feeling that the computer is slow and uncomfortable. The forum function should be released to allow users to better find it

#2.For the copyright of pictures, if everyone sends the same photo, will it be clear who is the owner of the copyright? I don’t know if you think this problem will occur.

#3.During this upgrade, I found that, of course, I also felt during this upgrade. This platform is very simple and easy to operate, so many users don’t need to worry. Thanks for this platform, I will always pay attention to it

#4.I saw other users’ reactions on the forum. In fact, it’s not that serious. I like this color very much. I haven’t encountered too many bugs yet.

#5.I also want to ask whether the security of the next platform can be guaranteed

Most blockchain software is open source software and can be deployed on a variety of servers, but sometimes the hardware platform determines that you must choose a specific blockchain platform.

#6.I have great hope that our platform can stand at the top, but the choice is still yours. In addition to the blockchain platform, you also need to focus on the infrastructure running the blockchain, because it will have a significant impact on non-functional requirements (such as security, availability, scalability and performance).