#V3 Testnet #Feedback My Async experience on Zksync V3

As they do with most new things, the excitement to test the newest update of Zk sync testnet was at a fever pitch, almost to febrile convulsive levels (:laughing:) because , more so because I have been an avid tester of all Zk sync testnets and updates and genuinely believe Zk will be the epitome of perfection for Etherium scalability.

My experience on testing was as such;
I attempted first testnet in afternoon of 07/12/2021 (day of V3 testnet launch)using Google Chrome Web Browser on my PC. Website looked beautiful (blend of white and light pink was classy imo). After going to the NFT web page on https://v3.zks.app/en/nft, I switched to Rinkeby Test network on my MetaMask but found it problematic connecting my wallet. I would click on connect wallet and get the option to select MM as my preferred wallet, but on clicking on MetaMask I would get no response from the wallet to sign. I tried other RPC networks like ETH, Polygon, zKsync 2.0 Rinkeby test network and got ‘wrong network’ prompt. I closed my browser and reopened and had same problems, switched to other web browsers like mozilla and brave but could not connect either. Tried on mobile and could not connect. Rebooted my system and same issues. I however observed that I was able to connect via Goerli Test Network on MetaMask to the zksync website, but couldn’t perform any other function on the site. Tried the rest of the day and had same connection problems.

The next afternoon (08/12/21), I attempted again and was able to connect to the website at first trial via the Rinkeby test network on Google chrome explorer, however i noticed brave browser couldn’t connect at all while Mozilla was on and off but Chrome worked perfectly. I already had Rinkeby ETH testnet tokens but still went ahead to try to get more via Paradigm (to have a complete feel of the testnet). That proved to be a problem (from paradigms end as i kept getting claim error despite having signed in with my Twitter account) Getting Faucet ZKS and USDT tokens was very easy and came in my L2 wallet seamlessly and very quickly (about a second after signing I estimate) I had to continue with the test ETH tokens i already had.
I was able to unlock and sign my wallet without a hitch. Depositing the rinkeby ETH token to my L2 wallet was much slower however (taking about 10 mins to enter the wallet)

I went to the NFT tab and tried clicking ‘my profile’ under ‘user profile’ while in ‘NFT Mall’ tab, but the button was greyed out and not responding to my mouse clicks. I however noticed that when i switched to ‘Mint NFT’ tab i was able to click ‘My profile’ with a response.
Editing my profile was easy. I must commend the speed of transactions. Every transaction went through in less than a second after signing. (i would sign and quickly go check transaction details and see it had already gone through :+1: )
I was able to mint my NFT with ease. Added a picture file from my computer, agreed to terms and conditions and mint was created in less than a second.
Through all of these i observed that gas fees were very cheap, 3.5 ZKS , 0.0008 ETH, 10 USDT respectively to buy the NFTS.

Buying and selling on the site was very easy. Clicked buy and confirmed in MM wallet and it appeared under my ‘Collect’ in my user profile. I noticed there was a ‘Create’ tab under my user profile which hosted just the NFT’s I had minted myself, while ‘Collect’ contained both minted and bought NFTs. Minting fee was 10 usdt
While selling, I Observed that fees seemed to take 10 ZKS while listing for 400 (hence i would get 390 ZKS upon selling) and listing for 200 USDT took 10 USDT and gave me 190 USDT after selling.

I also tried mining of a token (Uniswap token) under the mining tab where I put in the contract address and listed it with the token pair Uni/USDT. This was very easy to do

I tried the testnet on 10/12/2021 and had pretty much the same overall response.

Overall bugs noticed:
-Connection problems of the site to the Rinkeby test wallet on Mozilla and Brave browser

  • Issues with receiving test ETH tokens from Paradigm
    -Delay transaction time in depositing test ETH tokens into L2 wallet
  • No response when clicking ‘My profile’ under user profile while on ‘NFT mall’ section


  • Allow for search/filter of NFTs based on selling currency (ZKS/ETH/USDT)
    -Allow for filter based on high/low price
    -Allow for showing listing price service percentages not just numbers

Overall the testnet experience was a great one. I have to commend the beautiful UI, Utilities such as NFT minting, listing, buying and selling a revolutionary and necessary for the metaverse concept we are moving into. I enjoyed mining tokens and listing them also. Most impressive of all was the cheap gas fees and extremely fast transactions. An amazing user experience all in all

I look forward to the next update release and testnet. More excited for mainnet launch though :joy:
#V3 Testnet #Feedback

My Metamask Wallet address - 0x83F3ABEc2a772009E286E8CCbedF850f08A926d9

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