#V3 Testnet Feedback# my experience with the platform

After entering a v3.zks.app platform you can connect through various wallets (metamask, trust wallet, math wallet etc.)

Currently, only two test networks are avaliable: rinkeby and goerli. I used rinkeby, because it turned up to be a cheaper option.

The next step is to transfer L1 assets on L2 wallet. I transferred ETH. It took 4-6 minutes without any errors or fails.

Then I entered NFT section to mint my NFT and buy someone else’s
In order to mint NFT you need to complete your profile by adding some information. After that you enter a name for NFT, upload your graphic file and fill up other required fields.
Make sure you have enough assets for a mint fee

Minumum file size is 5 Mb either you get a “unknown error message”

Buying NFTs was easy and flawless

My experience with the platform was great and pleasant

My L2 address - 0x473D96829Af20116d00Aba03E3Fb32cd67c19545