#V3 Testnet Feedback# My observations and experience with #ZKSwap v3 NFT

Salute to all forum members!

I finished testing ZKSwap V3 NFT and was very pleased with this big step into the future. The introduction of NFT Mall + DEX functions worked out to perfection is a new era for ZKSwap. I congratulate the team on its success!

First, I would like to inform you that I conducted a testnet using Windows 8 and the Chrome browser, as well as the L1 Metamask wallet.

When clicking on the link specified in the testnet guide, I was met by a hung page (oops!). At first I thought that the testnet was already over or there were some technical problems at the moment. I tried restarting the computer and shutting down all running programs to avoid software conflicts. This did not help and the problem persisted. The transition to the main page of the site, the connection of the wallet and the transition to the NFT tab helped. It is interesting to know the statistics - what percentage of testnet participants faced a similar problem and on what hardware and software?

Getting started. Deposit
The deposit works fine. I transferred ETH to L2 without any problems, it took a little time. Very easy to use function.

I was most interested in trying out NFT Mall as early as possible, and I postponed testing DEX functions for a while. First NFT Mall!

  • Mall is also simple and intuitive to use. As soon as I got to the NFT Mall page, I immediately drew attention to the NFT I liked. It was inexpensive and I bought it right away. It seemed strange that after the purchase was made, now my NFT was still on sale. I think this is because the page does not update automatically after making a purchase. After reloading the page, my NFT, of course, was no longer on sale. I found it in my profile.

  • Meanwhile, while my deposit from L1 to L2 was being made, I decided to inspect the rest of the participants’ works and replenish my collection. And I have a significant remark. The fact is that when I click on the NFT in the NFT Mall list to examine it in more detail, and then return to the NFT Mall list, it automatically goes to the very top of the list, and does not return me to the same place where I was before.

  • I conducted a test of purchases in three different test coins (ZKS, USDT and ETH). The change of coins did not affect the speed or convenience in any way. In all cases, everything works well.

  • It seems to me that the interface lacks two buttons - the icon of my profile, next to the name of the network, as well as a button that would open a drop-down menu with all the latest transactions and purchases made. So the user will be able to track the sales of his NFT, purchases and other actions without going to the NFT Wallet. A similar system is implemented in the NBA Top Shot interface.


  • When registering a profile, the My Profile and Transaction buttons are not pressed. When working with this menu, you can see the active buttons, they are highlighted with a darker background color. But these two buttons are inactive and do not work. But if you click on the NFT Mall and Mint NFT buttons, the My Profile and Transaction keys work.

1 - The user is in the NFT tab. 2 - The user went to the NFT Mall or Mint NFT tabs.

  • Also, when filling out the profile, I noticed a strange feature. In the Homepage field, you can write only the full address (together with https://…) and only then it is perceived as correct. It’s weird, it shouldn’t be like this.

  • A convenient function for the user will be to create folders for sorting NFT in his profile.

  • When I try to put my NFT up for sale (by clicking on the Sell buttons), the page freezes. After reloading the page, you need to connect the wallet again. But after another attempt to put the token up for sale, the same error occurs again. After the next page reload, I clicked on the NFT that I wanted to sell. But when I opened the NFT for a more detailed view, I didn’t find a sell button there. Although its presence in this place is quite logical. That would be convenient. I was surprised, but upon returning to the previous page (the list of all NFTs), I managed to put the token up for sale. I did the same steps in the same order again. This is really a permanent, not a one-time bug. Moreover, to solve this problem, you need to click on the token that you want to put up for sale. If you open one NFT, go back and try to sell another NFT, it won’t work and the page will freeze. Otherwise, the sale process works well. And it’s very simple.

  • I think it is necessary to indicate the price of the token in my profile when it is put up for sale. Now it just says On Sale.

  • Mint NFT is so simple and pleasant to work with that there is nothing to write 10 out of 10!

As a result, I checked all the main functions of ZKS NFT - mint, sell, buy and others. There are bugs, but they are fixable. The main thing is that everything works well at the contract level. It is necessary to make efforts to optimize and improve the interface.

Then I returned to the sections of the L2 Wallet and L2 Trade website and evaluated the work of the entire DEX function. I didn’t notice any problems here, these functions are perfectly transferred from previous versions. Deposit, Swap, Liquid Pool, Withdraw and other functions work exactly like clockwork. The only wish I have for this section relates to Swap settings. In the settings, we can change the token that will be used to pay the commission. But when you change the token in the settings, it does not change at any time on the page. To do this, you need to change the payment token of the commission in the settings, go to some other page of the site, return and then the changes will take effect.

Well, in conclusion, I want to say about one drop-down menu on the site that I did not like. This is L2 Trade. It should work in a completely different way. I think the following solution will be correct: The user clicks on the L2 Trade label, a drop-down menu opens. And it will be open until the user clicks anywhere on the site. It seems to me that it will be more convenient this way.


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