#V3 Testnet Feedback# My testnet feedback

I spent about 3 hours to experience the testnet, from the design of the web page to the underlying interaction of the APP logic, including exchange, providing liquidity, minting NFT, selling NFT, and so on.
From the experience point of view, the V3 network is much better than V2 in terms of node speed and interactive experience.
Obviously, comparing L2 to L1, users will greatly reduce gas fees and transmission delays during use. This is a very important point, but in terms of how to ensure the assets of L2 users, I think the team still has to explain to the public Be more clear, such as the underlying logic, implementation principles, etc., so as to ensure the safety of users’ funds and make them confident enough for their assets in this project.
In the process of minting and selling NFT, compared with OPENSEA, our web page is still slightly simpler. On the testnet, because I did not have enough ETH, I was unable to participate in the purchase of some NFTs. I hope the team can set an upper limit on the sales price of NFTs on the testnet to ensure that the user experience is sufficiently complete.