#V3 testnet #feedback nice market nft

Good evening, thanks for the great v3. I have successfully added trading pairs to the list, but they are being added for a long time.
I think, first of all, you need to work on confirmation time, very often you have to wait for hours or days.
It also often happens that the application does not receive the ERC20 contract address, this is also a very significant problem.
Also, please add the ability to view wallet balances in another fiat currency of your choice, it will often be more convenient than viewing them in USD. And also - the ability to view the addresses of contracts added to the token list. I am very proud that in this v3 there is a very good and dynamic nft market that presents amazing works that can be enjoyed by all.
let’s not hesitate to try the various features in this v3 guaranteed you will feel very comfortable in it


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