#V3 Testnet #Feedback nice

From my initial experience when using weblinks it takes a long time to set up,

But with ZKS my account is very smooth.

By adding NFT also becomes very smooth.

printing this takes a few attempts as I frequently get messages notifying me of network error errors.

There is no way to diagnose an error like this and no further explanation for the error.
Basically it can with a retry after about 30 minutes later and I managed to print NFT

So far I haven’t tried any of the other features, and I’ll write down my experiences when I get the chance to be placed and have time to write about them.

All will look positive when you can address issues like these that can cause delays.

ZKS with clear menu options and a clean look even when using dark mode.

Of all the items on ZKS what I like the most is the speed to print, exchange, buy, sell, and also add liquidity this is very fast compared to other platforms I’ve used,

ZKS can work well though on mobile browser, ofc with mobile app will be even more perfect.


I haven’t got my tesnet token yet.:pensive: