#V3 Testnet Feedback# @NS002_

Twitter handle: @NS002_
Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/NS002_/status/1467511494959009795?s=20

My Rinekby Test Network Address:

Please see my feedback below, with some points which should be taken into consideration.

Transaction/Fees related

  • I think the fees shown are competitive in comparison with optimistic rollups (not sure if this is a fundamental across board). Reasonably low fees were observed for typical transactions such as swaps and NFT minting but the fees for adding liquidity in L2 Pool seems to be high still.
  • I believe there should be sufficient warnings and prompts if we want to keep it user friendly for broader adoption, especially welcoming a new retail user. From my own experience, I found it easy for a user to make a mistake in the token used for setting prices or for fee payment. Users have an option to choose between ETH, USDT and ZKS now. I personally made the mistake thinking it was denominated in ETH when it was in ZKS for one of my NFT transactions. Hence, I highly recommend adding a warning statement, creating a prompt to warn users or use a default across the entire platform. Otherwise, this could result in a pretty costly mistake for the user.

NFT minting, listing and mall experience

  • The display of listed NFTs on the market was cramped. This seemed likely to be due to the size of images.
  • There are no categories and filters (e.g. for artist/creator, price etc.). This is likely going to result in a disorganised marketplace.
  • UI is instinctive for minting and listing but not for the feature to transfer NFTs or create sales between specific individuals. I did not find this feature.

Hence, I recommend creating a better display/UI to address the above issues. These basic UI experiences that can be obtained from a typical NFT marketplace such as Opensea. Afterall, basics are a must if we are trying our best to attract users.


  • User experience begins with positive, user-friendly navigation for onboarding (i.e. depositing funds into L2 wallet). Smooth for both deposit and withdrawal of tokens.
  • The dialogue that shows transaction history can display more details about each transaction without requiring the explorer (zkswap.info).
  • The value of LP token that is being created can be shown in USD.
  • Sliding percentage bar for controlling the amount that the user would like to add from his wallet can be included.
  • In future, the DEX can be improved to show charts. This is becoming a common feature.
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