#V3 Testnet Feedback# Functionality testing and feedback

Hello, as there’s a lot of feedback already I focused mostly on doing end-user and UI testing and added some suggestions. Functionalities I tested include:

1. Connecting multiple Metamask accounts.
2. Changing my account detalis.
3. Depositing tokens.
4. Withdrawing tokens.
5. Sending tokens.
6. Swapping tokens.
7. Adding liquidity to the pool.
8. Minting NFT.
9. Listing NFT.
10. Purchasing NFT.
11. Checking transaction details on the explorer.
12. I tried to click through/edit every directory and UI item to check if they’re working properly. That includes menu items, submenus items, search bars, dashboards etc.

I put in quite a bit of effort into this, I hope you’ll appreciate it. I’d love to get rewarded with some tokens especially since I feel like this project makes for a good investment. Here’s my wallet address: 0x0feaa0c1c823938403eec5d700096afcbf44bd80

I divided my findings into usage/functionality problems and strictly UI problems. From what I’ve seen in the v2 your UI will probably get a lot better, so most of the points in the second section might not apply. I was using Google Chrome for testing.

App functionality:

  1. There’s a bug, where if you try to go directly to the address vsan.zks.app/en/nft the site isn’t working properly. However, if you go to any other address and click the ‘NTF’ button you seemingly go to the same address and everything is working. Something is wrong with the dynamic loading of the page, as if you go directlu to the vsan.zks.app/en/nft URL the layout is loading, but no functionalities are. Probably just have to hook up something that’s only on the button click right now.

  2. The deposit took 5 minutes on the L2 itself and the withdrawal is stuck on ‘Submitted’ status for 3,5 hours. Hopefully these operations will be handled quickly when you go live. I think that next to the gas fees, the speed is a big reason for people to migrate to L2s. On the other hand I understand that lower fees and speed don’t always go hand in hand. On a positive note, sending between the L2 addresses is very smooth just like all other transactions which don’t touch the L1.

  3. All /nft directories: It’d be nice if you could search NFTs by name, collection, author etc. ID’s aren’t very human-friendly and it’s not adequate for a real use case. This is probably just for testing purposes, but I had to mention this.

  4. A ‘Place offer’ functionality would be nice to offer someone a price for an NFT in their collection.


  1. /nft: Can’t highlight or click ‘My Profile’ or ‘Transactions’ on the dropdown menu. Need to go to ‘Sell NFT’ first - the menu is working fine from the /nft/sell or /nft/mall.

  2. /mining: The content is just flashing for a brief moment on page load and disappears almost immediately. Probably you wanted to hide it for testing as it’s not ready, but if it was intented to work, then it’s not working properly.

  3. The lists such as ‘Swap History’, ‘My Pool’, ‘Liquidity History’, ‘Transactions’ etc. sometimes show up as empty and require switching directories, coming back and unlocking the wallet again. Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me in which scenarios this happens, but usually it happenned after I made a change to the list. For example, I added liquidity to the pool and after some time the action was listed under ‘Liquidity History’ but there was no liquidity under ‘My Pool’. I had to go to a different URL, switch back and unlock my wallet again for it to show.

  4. /nft/create: After minting it takes a few seconds for the entry to show on the ‘Mint history’ popup. If this won’t be almost instantaneous, I’d recommend displaying it in a different way so the user doesn’t see the blank list for the first 5-10 seconds.

  5. /nft: NFT title displays over the dropdown menu. Happens with long enough titles.

  6. /nft: Text on the ‘User Page’ dropdown menu button is highlightable and it highlights when you quickly turn the dropdown on and off. It shouldn’t be highlightable like all the other buttons. Also, I’d call it something different than ‘User Page’ - that gets mixed up with ‘My Profile’. Maybe ‘Dashboard’.

  7. You have the ‘Explorer’ tab listed twice in the top menu - once after ‘NFT’ and second time under ‘More’.

  8. /nft: After listing the NFT for sale and signing the transaction It would be nice to be able to close the popup window about NFT submission with an ‘OK’ button instead of clicking on the ‘x’ to close it. To have a feeling of ‘going forward’ with the whole process of minting, not ‘sideways’ or ‘backwards’, as I feel clicking the ‘x’ button. Same at /nft/mall after purchasing an NFT and with a few other popups too. Overall it’d be nice for the whole transactions->popups functionality to be more transparent. Multiple times I had to close the popups and chech the actual status of the transaction since I was a bit confused.

  9. Tickboxes on the site aren’t visible well enough. Maybe on tick turn them to dark background with white tick?

  10. The blockchain explorer feels very nice to use. I like the expandable stats at the top. Only thing I managed to nitpick - v3-rinkeby.zkswap.info/en/transactions: for every entry the address in the ‘Account’ column is black, but it’s actually a link to the respective /account directory. It’s incosistent with all of the other link items, which are blue. I understand you don’t want to clutter the UI with blue text everywhere, but making link items look consistent should still be something to consider. Maybe an underline? Same thing applies to v3-rinkeby.zkswap.info/en/nfts: ‘Author’ and ‘Address’ columns in the ‘NFTs’ table and ‘Adress’ in the ‘Latest Transactions’ table. It’s also apparent in your finished v2 explorer UI so maybe you didn’t notice this.

  11. The ‘Wrong network’ popup shows up when the network is changed, but it doesn’t disappear once you change the network to Rinkeby - you have to manually close the popup. Would be nice if it both showed up and disappeared automatically.

  12. A tool for cropping the image before minting an NFT would be cool.

  13. I like the popup on the wallet/erc20/deposit/l1 site informing about how the L2 works. I’d change how it looks to be less daunting and more friendly. In my opinion education about your app and the technology you’re using is one of the best marketing strategies as many people are quite lost in different projects and proposed solutions and are eager to learn if you present it in a friendly manner. I’d actually suggest to include more of the little popups or explanations highlighting unique functionalities of your app. Obviously gotta be careful not to overwhelm the user.

The overall experience with the app is pleasent. Currently, the biggest problems are the vsan.zks.app/en/nft not loading properly when accessed through URL and abysmally slow/not working withdrawals. Other problems boil down mostly to unfinished UI which also has a ‘stock feel’ to it and doesn’t stand out from other projects. Your v2 UI definitely does stand out though, so I hope it will be no different with the v3. I wish you success with the launch!

P.S. I wanted to attach screenshots to the issues, but the forum doesn’t allow me to. If you’d like me to send you the feedback with the screenshots, just contact me at the email that’s linked to my account or at mariuszpudzianowski1000@gmail.com.

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