#V3 Testnet Feedback# p3abrain

I am submitting this feedback after spending a solid two hours or more, over two days, playing with and experimenting with the facilities within the V3 upgrade of ZKswap. Overall my experience throughout was positive, although I did have a couple of issues that could use improving, barring your agreement.

My first move was to choose to utilize the Rinkeby testnet of my MetaMask wallet for this experiment. I began with just over 18 ETH in this wallet. After making this choice, I decided to Deposit 1 ETH from my L1 wallet to L2 on the platform. This is where the first, albeit minute, issue occurred. While awaiting the deposit to confirm on the platform, an estimated USD value of the asset is given. For some reason, what was shown was “1 ETH ($10,551.69)”. This activity occurred around midnight EST, during which the price of ETH has hovered around $4,000 USD. As you can see, there is a pretty significant discrepancy between the actual value of ETH and the quoted estimation of said value on the ZKS V3 platform (PS I have screenshots for evidence should anyone wish to confirm).
The second small front end issue I encountered existed here as well. The timing of my deposit seemed slightly off. After being informed that this deposit was confirmed on Etherscan, the deposit took from 12:03am EST to 12:19am EST to present on the ZKS platform. I understand this discrepancy could very well be caused by a lagging update from the ethereum network itself, so I will refrain from blaming ZKS at this point, but figured it was worth a mention.

My second action on the platform was to send 0.1 ETH to another personal address as a test transaction. I noticed herein that, much like on V2, the fee can be paid in either ETH, USDT, or ZKS. I genuinely appreciate this option as it can help relieve shrinking of assets held on my L2 wallet. The coolest thing about this transaction is that it was confirmed and arrived in less than 20 seconds time. This is a HUGE improvement on L1 transactions. I would also like to commend your team for the beautiful UI of the ZKS explorer, should a user choose to click to view more details of any transaction.

My third action was to attempt to withdraw 0.1 ETH back to my original L1 address. This transaction occurred smoothly, and took a reasonable amount of time. I am, however, curious as to why the transaction fee for withdrawing back to L1 is so high. The cost to send from L2 to L2 was about $0.50 USD whereas the cost to withdraw the same amount from L2 to L1 was about $30 USD. Being that there is no action on the part of the L1 wallet in this event, should the fee not be lower?

Next, I chose to swap 0.25 ETH for about 470 ZKS. The fee for this transaction was about $2. I think this could be improved, though I do appreciate the amount allocated to the liquidity provider. The speed of this swap was astounding. It was almost instantaneously confirmed. I think if I were truly looking to deposit, swap x token for y token, send MAX y token to address B, and withdraw the remainder, I would be able to accomplish all of this in less than 5 minutes (given that the initial hiccup in depositing aforementioned was cleared up). This is not only an improvement on other protocols I have used, but also an improvement on my experiences using ZKS V2. This is exciting.

The final activity I partook in was provision of liquidity. I decided to add about 250 ZKS and the equivalent ETH. This, again, was completed almost instantaneously. I also removed 50% of my original provision just to test its reliability. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I did notice the warning at the bottom of the LP interface ensuring users confirmed the reasonableness of the prices of assets being added. I appreciated this warning, and it made me think to check the prices quoted for 0.1 ETH in ZKS. The prices for swapping 0.1 ETH for ZKS was within .1 ZKS of the quoted proportion of ZKS and ETH when adding to the LP. This was encouraging as well.

One final test was to withdraw the remainder of the original 1 ETH I had deposited back to my original L1 address. This transaction went through without a hiccup (notwithstanding the aforementioned issue with pricing for L2 to L1 withdrawals).

All in all, my experiences using the platform were thoroughly positive and encouraging. I have made the promise to myself to begin using ZKS for all future L2 activity, which I would typically utilize Loopring for. You have stolen my business from them, and I am glad you did.

The Ethereum wallet address I used for my activity, and for which I would like to receive rewards should i get any is as follows.


I appreciate the opportunity given to us to testdrive this platform, and I cannot wait to see it rolled out to mainnet.

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