#V3 testnet #feedback success of V3

Is this a function and usability in V3, but the problem of confirming a login account to claim the faucet is that many have difficulty how to claim the faucet for the V3 testnet trial. is it possible that our network signal is due to interference from the V3 application itself. for the zkswap admin, please correct it, because there are still many testnet V3 users who are confused about how to make a V3 faucet claim, if for the Swap coin testnet and NFT printing it’s pretty good, although there are still a few that I still don’t understand, but it’s been a long time since I solved that problem. The current interface is a godsend for new users. I think it’s a very good choice to put all the functionality in the final project. . Suggestion I hope the official can increase the speed of the website network. ZKS network speed is sufficient now, but this time the interface is more concise and very friendly for new users. we get a display lock next to other users’ NFT purchase keys on the platform I didn’t create NFT.

I am very happy because I can buy NFT in this testnet V3. A small number of users like me,I really hope,every word put forward here may be a suggestion for V3… I remember that I was very happy when I saw V3, but I can’t sell NFT, can only afford to buy, could it be because of the price I applied too high or not…we always support for the success of this v3…hope this V3 will be what we hope for…good luck for the success of V3 always…