#V3 Testnet #Feedback #V3 will succeed

The V3 test net project that I have done!
I used both v2 and v3 testnet so I found that:

V3 Advantages:

  • I feel the website is very clear, convenient for users.
  • It was much easier, clearer, and cheaper fees than other websites. ( I created and sold NFT )
  • Fast processing speed.
    But need further development on:
  • More currency pairs.
  • Add more languages
  • Sometimes the page takes a long time to load (I think it’s because of many NFT)
  • I think the ecosystem is already rich and fully functional! but more developed in terms of user-friendliness.
    Thanks to the development team!

English is not my mother tongue! I apologize if there is a grammar mistake.
My ETH address: 0xEF24f110b929963c02Dc06100a150916fe8AebB4

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