#V3 Testnet Feedback# words of experience

Hello team ZKSwap. I joined your ZKSwap V3 testnet. I followed the instructions on the page. After 2 days of implementation, testing the testnet, I see some of the following problems:

  1. I have faucetd the testnet token, I have seen the task done and pending but more than 24h I have not received the token on the wallet (important in the future when mainnet is very)
  2. gas fee even though it’s testnet, it’s quite high
  3. NFT initialization is quite simple and fast, the tasks of placing sell, transfer, withraw orders
  4. I find the NFT deposite part too difficult to use, and I can’t do it
  5. smooth swap, add pools
  6. the interface is quite easy to find
    I hope ZKSwap integrates on more chains, Ethe gas fees are always increasing, a big problem.
    Good luck with the project, looking forward to the mainnet version
    my wallet : 0xa9ec7bec348489be1829934b53b0ac38d71100cb
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