#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSwap Swag


I have to say ZKSwap UI looks beautiful, simple yet chic. It’s easy on the eyes. Color pallete, combination and texture is my type. Animation in swapping looks pretty. The font suits the design.


However, the “More” drop down is packed. Maybe you can utilize clickable icons for social media platforms and download link for the app. Also, maybe arrange it to the most used function to the least.



It’s easy to understand and navigate.

(Mint NFT)

I am not very tech savvy so I feel like I wouldn’t be able to figure out that I need to click the complete profile first if there was no reference instruction docx. What I did was (I have tried unlocking the wallet and signed it a multiple times but it did not bring any result so I had to pull up the instruction docx)

Possible solution: Maybe place create profile button on top of unlock wallet not side by side so there’s a hint of the order which needs to be done first.

Also the tab “my profile” in the drop down from avatar doesn’t pull up the page for completing the user profile. I thought that’s where we complete our profile but the only button to create it the one beside unlock wallet. Or maybe the response time was slow that’s why it didn’t pull up.

  • (Self introduction limit)

Maybe increase it to 300 limit or more. There may be a number of expressive artists who wants to say more background

  • (In Minting NFT)

There is not prompt how much gas/usdt will be used. Even if the pricing is standard. I think it’d be helpful to let the users know how much they’ll pay before clicking the mint button.
Unfortunately my testwallet says I have insufficient funds so I have no idea how much is the fee in USD value or ether blocks I need to pay before deciding to mint.

  • (Swapping Coins)

The experience was fun especially the animation.
I just have a request maybe enable search button to recognize a coin’s contract in searching not just by name. You might as well expand to other coins to be available in swapping. And maybe if you could lessen the signing times every transaction. I understand it’s for security but maybe I’m just lazy :smiley:


Overall, I love the design. Depositing is easy and fast and less to none gas. There’s just a bit of frustration in setting up the profile before minting the NFT. It’d be nice if it has labels and is newb friendly. There was lag in response time. It’s understandable since it’s testnet.

Thank you for the experience!