#V3 Testnet #Feedback ZKSwap Testnet V3 My review

Hello. :wave:

I tested - everything is good. Cool design. Intuitive interface. Everything is very convenient for the person who comes in for the first time.

Below I will write a little of my opinion about what I noticed.

  1. I would add night theme.

  2. I would add more languages.

  3. I would remove “Explorer” from the menu “More” because it is duplicated.

  4. When switching versions, a link to V2 does not work.

  5. I would change the font or used with a bold font, as on other your resources, such as faucet or blog sites.

  6. If you can add when connecting a wallet with another network, allow the Metamask to substitute the desired and asking the user about switching. I saw it for more than once.

  7. Add filters to the NFT Mall. For example, the choice of tokens and price range. Also add here sorting at a price. From smaller to higher and vice versa.

  8. In User Page-Transactions, I would change the description of the Exchanging on Buy and Sell. I think that this is so immediately visible the type of transaction and do not need to think that there was, moreover, opening transaction in explorer does not become clear. It remains only to remember what I did. It is not comfortable. In addition, the transactions are displayed on page https:// vsan.zks.app/en/wallet/erc20 and everything is written correctly and understandable.

  9. I understand that it is a testnet, but I would solve the issue with the display of the value of the token. I made actions on different days and the cost of the ETH was 3900-4700, and not as displaced.

  10. I would change the description in settings to the more correct. For example,
    “Choose a token to pay”
    Аs a choice of tokens changes the use of the coin itself and the commission, and not used only for the commission. Also, it would also have done the changes themselves to enter into force after closing this window or after closing the page itself would be updated, and so you have to do this manually.

  11. When putting a NFT for sale, I would not allow use the comma in the cost value. For example, 0,3. I put a comma instead of the point, pushed a window with a rocket as before the confirmation of the transaction and immediately disappeared. I tried several times and only then thought what could be the matter.

  12. I did not get tokens from the your faucet. Why I do not know.

  13. I really liked the rocket in the transaction confirmation window. :grinning:

How new user I can upload only one image because collage:

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of something interesting.
P.s. Sorry for my bad english.
Best regards.

My wallet : 0xd67D60771F1A4A797D94f0d45276b9c768C4e7d6