#V3 Testnet #Feedback ZKSwap V3 Test and Suggestions

Trying ZKSwap V3 Testnet

As usual, the developer gave a great impression.I’m happy because this project is growing both in terms of its developers, its community, and users are given education and directions wrapped in events on the test network before the mainnet becomes live.
Although a bit confused, but I enjoyed the process.The UI more responsive and smoothly, it would be nice if there is a dark theme sometimes I need a UI with a dark theme.

L2 Trade

L2 Swap

Swapping token is smoothly,

L2 Pool

Adding liquidity to the pool


New features like NFT seem to be the user’s flagship.
All users trying and are very enthusiastic to put up a selling order price so high. lol
but there are some users who put up affordable prices so that I can make purchase transactions on NFT at NFT Mall, thank you there.
Because I really want to know the reciprocal effect of this process features between minting,selling and buying from seller.
just suggestion,It would be nice to add filtering features on the NFT menu, such as prices, rankings, categories and others.Yep this is indeed the testing stage,hopefully
I want to know if it’s live, such as affordable gas fees that are not affected from the L1.
Operates on other chains such as BSC, Heco.And other possibilities if NFT can also be in cross-chain networks very interesting and so wide.

Here,some captures I can catch,when trying the feature


Buying in NFT Mall

Yep, that’s the experience I’ve had.
Keep Growing,Innovation,and Up to date.

Thanks ZKSwap Team,communities, and everyone

Address : 0xb2756FB591920337A 59323Db07A6A11C1485CD5C