#V3 Testnet #Feedback #ZKSWAPV3 ETH long term perspective

First of all I’d like to give my congratz to the team and the hard work they had to put in, few really understand the of dedication something like this requires.

As we all know, ETH is currently in the process of transitioning to Ethereum 2.0 which will see it’s blockchain switch from using a POW to a POS consensus mechanism. This should help the blockchain as a hole be more environmentally friendly, and should help increase ETH’s scalability - a current shortcoming that’s becoming ever more apparent as faster cryptocurrencies gain traction.
Because of this matter, ETH’s scalability has consequently been front and center for quite some time with multiple layer 2 scaling solutions emerging in this regards.

Vitalik Buterin has been a active supporter of these layers while also seeking out ways in which ETH’s base blockchain could scale - as seen from his latest blog post titled ‘Endgame’ where he details a “plausible roadmap” for how Ethereum could achieve scalability without sacrificing decentralization or security. Basically this can be achieved by introducing a second set of participants which validate blocks produced by block producers. Combining zero knowledge proofs with this block verification process will allow for easy block verification and the adding of transaction channels.
Long story short - he’s suggesting the implementation of a system eerily similar to Algorand’s pure proof of stake consensus mechanism (here a large pool of participant nodes validate blocks produced by a small set of relay nodes).
With this type of architecture Ethereum should be able to process between 25 and 100 000 transactions per second - but don’t get your hopes high just yet - this could take a year if not longer to implement.

Having said all that, one can easily see why ZK scaling technology seems to be getting quite a bit of attention lately.

But the main issue I have regarding the fundamentals is that 2 years is a long time, and just like Optimism Rollups have been outperformed by ZK Rollups in terms of low transaction fees so too can ZK be outperformed in the given time frame by ‘the next best thing’.
Hopefully when that does happen, ZKSwap will have gained a significant portion of the market.

In terms of the user experience, everything worked fine till the NFT creation process.

Although the transaction went through for some reason I cannot view the NFT itself when accessing

Here is a screen shot of the zkSync Wallet NFT details.


I think the main issue is to do with the process I used to upload the image itself to the blockchain.

So my recommendation in this regards is to include maybe a one time tutorial video or in regards to Minting a NFT, or perhaps a FAQ section - for the newbies out there (including myself). Mass adoption is key after all.

My L2 Wallet Address: 0x29dDDF5a048b4a1314b1330117ad038D84bC98B5