#V3 Testnet Feedback#-

Extremely frustrated that after 3 days I cannot deposit to L2 wallet and therefore cannot mint an NFT. I have downloaded tokens 3 times. The balance shows I have USDT and ZKS yet when going to the deposit page, it does not populate the field with my token balance. Furthermore, the “L2 Wallet” page is clearly different from the one shown in the tutorial. The tutorial shows options to “Deposit in L2”, “L2 Transfer” and “Withdraw to L1” the current website interface shows “Deposit” “Send”, and “Withdraw”. I have no doubt they are the same function but as I stated, it doesn’t work because my token balance does not populate in the “deposit amount” field even though it shows my balance and the history shows the deposit. The only thing left for me to try is to close my browser and clear my cache however, I tried it in firefox and the same issue occurs. Originally I tried in Chrome. I have been trying for 3 days.

Follow up: After 3 failed attempts as explained earlier, I tried something different. I clicked on the L2 trade section and successfully swapped ZKF for ETH. Although it did not show in my wallet, I attempted to mint an NFT and was successful. This was a frustrating experiment however I am impressed with the interface of the wallet and site. I’m glad that zk has provided this test site, I can see several advantages. It would be nice if other wallet options were available, other than Meta Mask that is. I feel like it is part of the problem with it’s buggy actions. I would definitely be interested in using this interface over a lot of the launch sites that store the NFT after purchase. I would prefer to store them all in one place other than opensea. I will post a link to this review on my Twirtter account : Quadropheniac_ . My wallet address: 0x3f16d0901C57B51fEC58e86d6A0E89A695f8E1B0

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Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/Quadropheniac_/status/1469174224086396929

#V3 Testnet Feedback#
I have been a fan and supporter of zksync since it was launched. With their v3 version testnet, I am very much shocked on how smooth the interface is , no loading and errors , and everything is operational. With the inclusion of NFTs , this has added more landscape to what it can do in the crypto space. Honestly, doing the zksync withdraws on gitcoin grants is somewhat challenging, maybe it’s just new to me or maybe I need some time to learn about how the system really works. Maybe they can work on making the system more shorter with less steps and still efficient and less gas fees. Well for this testnet, I hope they could bring this kind of efficiency and reliability to the Mainnet. This is really a ground breaking achievement for zksync now stepping in NFT space. There’s a lot more to zksync and I always hope for their continued success in the years to come. This is really a thumbs up experience! I have minted, bought , sold an nft with much ease and no sweat at all using the testnet and the steps were very helpful! Congrats to the zksync team and devs. You all did a wonderful job! :partying_face::+1:

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