V3 Testnet feedbak # l2/NFT

Lack of regrets:

  1. L2 has a long deposit time;
  2. The tap test coin is always pending, so I choose to swap in L2.

The entire product I appreciate NFT plate, the layer 2 protocol zk NFT function very jing is colourful, users can directly on the second floor mint NFT, or buy the NFT that oneself like, very good grasp of users, resource integration and more efficient, ecology is becoming more and more rich, more and more perfect, to avoid a lot of the intermediate links, the most excited after I experience, The whole process went quite smoothly!

Other products are basically two-layer simple DEX functions. Zk has made a big step and continues to make efforts to bring more to users. I am a loyal supporter of the project, a great product.

Leveraging Zk-rollup for payments +exchange +NFTs.To the moon.

My address:0x7de091550A671757A86284159a95B19b82A9084f

I experienced all the features, integrated ecology, one-stop great product,Very smooth!!!

I hope we can work together to make our community better, reject spam, and push our products higher!