#V3 #testnetfeedback

#V3 #testnetfeedback
actually am new to it and little experience about ZKSwap version 3.0

I’m just coming accross this kind of version though it look great, am kind of person love learning new things actually this whole thing looks new but I want to learn more and engage in the NFT universe and i give a try. i was helped by reading the official tutorial, and this really helps me alot as the tutor state more more about what i needed to know , thanks to the tutorial it made it very easy for me, as novice. First it has some lagging when I tried to connect my metamask wallet to the zkswap but indeed after some more tries I finally get connected by making some helps online. I was able to obtain/receive 1ETH from Paradigm. so I didn’t make any action with other tokens.I connected with my wallet and tried to mint NFT but the amount i was given was too small to mint. it could have be more easier for if more eth can be issue in the testnet to use to mint nft and other interface.

my Conclusion is that experience using the ZKswap was fantastic it easy to interact with and all session understandable though I have little experience about it. the exchange looks more attractive and user friendly.
please work more on depositing from L1 to L2 to be more faster as it’s took so long to get it from my end here… thanks
my ETH:

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