ZKSpark - #ZKSwap Rebranding#

A spark is a form of electrical discharge occurring in gases. Such a discharge usually occurs at pressures of the order of atmospheric pressure and is accompanied by a characteristic crackle of a spark

A spark discharge is a bundle of bright, rapidly disappearing or alternating filamentous, often highly branched strips - spark channels. These channels are filled with plasma, which in a powerful spark discharge includes not only ions of the source gas, but also ions of the substance of the electrodes, intensively evaporating under the action of the discharge

A Little History

Back in 1671, Leibniz discovered that sparks are associated with electrical phenomena

In 1752, Thomas-François Dalibard, acting on an experiment proposed by Benjamin Franklin, arranged for a retired French dragoon named Coiffier in the village of Marly to collect lightning in a Leyden jar thus proving that lightning and electricity were equivalent

In Franklin’s famous kite experiment, he successfully extracted sparks from a cloud during a thunderstorm

I really like the spark analogy. ZKSpark is just a spark, a discharge of energy created by developers. But very soon this spark, comparable to a very promising L2 project, will grow into a real flame and illuminate with its light first the entire Layer 2 industry, and then all surrounding projects

I am looking forward to the release of V3 and the opportunity to use NFT, because it will be a real breakthrough - NFT in L2. I can’t even imagine what heights ZKS will take
The ZKS team, we love you, and we believe that you will make ZKS one of the brightest and most successful cryptocurrency projects!

#ZKSwap #Rebranding

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