#ZKSwap rebranding# ZKSATURN

First of all, I want to say that I am very happy to share my proposal to rename Zkswap, and I am also glad of every opportunity to influence the fate of my favorite DEX

Saturn is named after the Roman god of wealth and agriculture. The connection with agriculture and wealth suits the project, Zkswap has a large number of types of mining aimed at maintaining and developing the project, as well as enriching the community and the project team

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest in the Solar System after Jupiter. It is a gas giant with an approximate radius nine and a half times the radius of the Earth, but it has only one eighth of the density of the Earth. However, with its large volume, Saturn is more than 95 times the mass of the Earth.
Saturn has a notable ring system consisting mainly of ice particles, fewer heavy elements and dust. There are 82 currently known satellites orbiting the planet (Zkswap is likely to grow to the same giant as Saturn, and will have a large number of satellites, smaller projects following it in the L2 region).

The origin of Saturn is explained by two main hypotheses. According to one hypothesis, the similarity of the composition of Saturn with the Sun is that both celestial bodies have a large proportion of hydrogen, and, as a result, the low density can be explained by the fact that during the formation of planets in the early stages of the development of the Solar System, massive thickenings formed in the gas-dust disk that gave rise to planets, that is, the Sun and planets formed in a similar way.

According to another hypothesis, the Saturn formation process took place in two stages. At first, for 200 million years there was a process of formation of solid dense bodies, like the planets of the terrestrial group. Then there was the second stage, when the largest bodies reached twice the mass of the Earth
I really like this planet and I want my favorite DEX to be called ZKSaturn


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Thanks for your suggestion. Really love this idea.