ZKSwap NFT #V3 Testnet Feedback#

Well, where do I begin, this was difficult! Errors all along the way as I simply tried to use the faucets, then NFT minting causing me issues, and even wallet unlocking being a pain! But, after 20 attempts spanning 3 entire days, I conquered my issues and managed to finally mint an NFT on the testnet. What a relief! To think, this all started as a simple attempt to be part of an airdrop, and all it led to was… Well, exactly that, and now I see why the reward is quoted to be so high, expecting a worth of $30 USD worth of the zks on mainnet. I feel like this was much of a headache, and some revision should be put to the quality of life and ease of access required for the task! Following step by step truly proves to be a great difficulty even when doing everything “by the book” as they say. Now here I am writing this minimal 300 word essay in the form of a forum post and just hoping it comes across the right way. I feel like the creators of this airdrop may be asking a bit too much from users for so little considering how agitating completing the tasks can actually be. I’m not even sure if the word count here is enough because there isn’t even a word counter that I can see on the u.i. itself. Luckily I have found a simple website on google to count my words from me upon finishing that last sentence. I have found myself having to work around many glitches and difficulties with intuition based action, simple approaches that I’ve had to sit down and brainstorm up myself, but to all avail as I have success here and now in the face of what feels like opposition by design. I do want to thank the creators of this forum for allowing a place for such woes or in other cases praise to be publicly posted. I can appreciate any company or organization should I say, who gives way to such transparency. Kudos good sirs and madams, but I do hope these issues do not continue to plague your name. Many users thank you for all you have done I am sure. Alas, I have written enough words, a bit over. I bid you adieu. here is my address as requested.