#ZKSwap V2 testnet Feedback# Congratulation

first i say huge Congratulation to the team for the well woking on zkswap I am very happy to participate in testing the new version, i have tested all the swap on ZKSwap this is very Easy and helpful to swap. I don’t see any mistakes, keep it up!
the swapping of token i cmpleted within very low time just in seconds .And very Low swapping eth fee.I really like the feature of creating your own NFT’s, and minting them to your wallet, and after you can put it on for sale on the marketplace. I love NFT’s and I think they are going to become really huge. Adding to the liquidity pool seemed to have been pretty easy as well. However I have a couple things I am not that keen on with this testnet that have to do with the NFT section. I have in mind is like a categorization option, so that people could just put in the type of the NFT they want to purchase and it would show them all available.

Overall it was a great experience to use V2 of ZkSwap. It’s main features that I like is it’s user interface, transaction speed , new and innovative things.

I have used all the feature like swap, pool , deposit etc. All are working super smooth.

Hopefully this can help the ZKS team in updating and can be responded to well, then launch the mainnet in full.

Thank you dear team for this great opportunityfor to be a part of this tetnet .

Congratulation all the Team and Community .

adres: 0x093b4392B0409fFf5E3A91b82F9fd0d59BD7f4a1