#ZKSwap V3 #NFT My opinion about the features of NFT technology

Currently, NFT technology has just begun its active development. We should look at NFT not only as a source of possible income, but also at its technical component. An important aspect now is the issue of the location of the NFT.

This is one of those problems are well known in the NFT community, and all the major players are working in one way or another to maximize the decentralization of media storage of the non-fungible tokens. The most convenient way to host NFTs is on-chain, but at the same time it is quite expensive.

The most reliable way is to still try to store media on the blockchain, that is, not separate the media from the token. This naturally imposes restrictions on creative freedom. You can’t store much in the blockchain. One way or another, these will be symbols, and you need to compose an image from these symbols.

Projects that store media entirely on the blockchain:

Autoglyphs from legendary Larva Labs. The first project with generative images stored on the blockchain. The prices for autoglyphs are quite consistent with their status.


A very recent project is ASCII Punks. 2048 punks made up of ASCII characters that are perfectly stored on the blockchain. In my opinion, the best tribute to crypto banks ever. At the time of this writing, they are even available for purchase on the primary market.

In my opinion, very soon we will be able to buy them on ZKSwap, which plans to launch its own NFT market.