Always Success #V3 Testnet #Feedback

I have tried all the functions in ZKSwap and what I like is the speed of printing, exchanging, buying and selling as well, and adding liquidity, it is very fast than other platforms I use, works well on mobile browsers. of course with a mobile application will be more perfect.

The problems I’m facing are just simple things

The features I was looking for but didn’t find are (regarding the MINT process):

You cannot upload images via drag & drop, but only via search.
after uploading an image, there is no function to delete it and upload another one.
I can provide the following feedback on NFT Mall - here I noticed that:

for me personally the preview is too big and i prefer to see more at once.
I missed the categorization
You cannot search by name/title or description.
the buying process is very easy.

As usual, the developer made a great impression. I’m happy that this project is progressing well in terms of its developers, its community and users being given education and direction wrapped in events on the test network before the mainnet comes alive.
Although a bit confused, but I enjoyed the process. UI is more responsive and fluid, it would be nice if there is a dark theme sometimes I need a UI with a dark theme.

ZKswap Testnet just fine without any fatal bugs that i experienced .
it just take less fee and didnt take more time for processing the transaction but it little long time to appear in my metamask, when i executed it ,Layer2 solution simply make it great.

hopefully it will continue to be the best, according to what we all need with various satisfying features…thank you for zkswap, success always we all wish the best for zkswap :pray::+1:
Is the best for zkswap…good luck
Nice zkswap… See you team

Always Success