Feedback testnet # V3 Testnet Feedback #

Dear ZKSwap team!
After a short time of product experience, I have a few comments as follows:

A. In terms of user interface:

  • ZKSwap is really different from most other L2-based DEXs, the features are presented in an intuitive way that makes users understand somewhat how ZKSwap works.
  • Harmonious web layout, full of parameters for users.

B. Features:

  1. L2 Wallet: this is the difference compared to other projects, the deposit and withdrawal structure is quite professional,
  2. NFT Wallet: easy to use, very convenient for converting NFT between users,
  3. L2 Trade: it’s really helpful for users to have the option of paying gas fees, I’m very easy to use with these 3 token fee options
  4. L2 Pool: the creation of LP tokens is very easy, users are noticed by “Please pay attention to whether the price of adding liquidity is reasonable.” very helpful
  5. NFT Mall - NFT mint: I never thought creating and selling NFTs would be so simple and quick, the only problem is to see how the quantity and quality of transactions of NFTs is,

C. Issues to improve:
NFT Mall - NFT mint:

  • NFT Mall needs to equip product filters so that users can easily find the products they need: price, content, topic,…
  • Load time in NFT wallet is relatively slow
  • Testnet token rate is not accurate,

Best regards!
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