Personal feedback all about #V3 Testnet feedback#

In the second half of this year, we’ve seen three themes dominate the crypto hype cycle: NFTs and Layer2.

All three of these are useful reminders…people want cheap blockspace!

As the NFT boom made headway it soon became apparent that minting NFTs on Ethereum would price out a new generation of collectors that couldn’t shell out serious $$$ on gas fees.

Then last month we saw the first glimmer of a general-purpose L2 with the potential for NFTs, as value locked on Arbitrum leaped over $3.5B.

And so, we’ve come full circle back to NFTs. The NFT boom still dominates much of Crypto Twitter and new projects are still seeing tens of thousands of trading volume in ETH.

Over time, more and more blockchain activity is going to “move up” to L2s, i.e. external execution layers. NFT users will increasingly flock to these solutions for the same reason everyone else does: very fast and very inexpensive transactions.

Accordingly, the time is ripe to experiment with L2 NFTs because the L2 era has finally arrived and novel, early opportunities are starting to abound!

Finally zkswap is given to us to create nft on layer2. That is awesome news for all of us. We are now able to create, buy, sell nft without facing ethereum high gas fees. V3 testnet is already out and the testnet that was awesome, mind blowing and Marvelous. Just imagine you can now create your own nft without costing any fees in 1 minutes and sell it without any fees with high rate. If you are interested to mint your nft just checkout their testnet and i think you will get all your answer how layer2 works and how to mint you first ever nft on layer2 and sell them on the marketplace. You can also sell your nft on others marketplace you just need to withdraw it from Layer2 to layer1 wallet. Then sell it whenever you want.

Address : 0xb9C1f1537381c3C557f6c095392Ac22590fA0395