Usability issues and product improvements. #V3 Testnet #Feedback

Bugs aside, the NFT minting is missing some key components. Secifically the areas to expand or add into the contract are:

  1. Description needs to be longer.
  2. A % of the resale commission fee needs to be added. That’s standard these days.
  3. Optional - Allow for additional fields. I’m in the middle of launching a NFT project where the NFTs have stats. I cant do that here.
  4. Batch minting - If I want to mint 100, or 1000 NFTs I can do so with a few lines of code and a json file. It would be great to do this on ZKswap as well.

This is baseline.

On the NFT explorer, a constant stream of NFTs doesn’t do anyone any good, already 17 pages and it’s unusable. Allow people to filter NFTs, add elastic search to both title and description. No one is going to search by ID as you have it now. This is at minimum.

Or remove the exploration aspect altogether, and focus on a better minting experience. If you let me mint for L2 costs, amazing. Give me a AAA mining experience and you’ll see traffic, the sale / exploration… I would drop it you’re competing against OpenSea et al, why… make the integration w. OpenSea (or similar) easy, but keep costs down to mint. This is your competitive advantage.


Swap works great, authenticating my wallet every other minute is incredibly frustrating, but I can deal with it. Otherwise the swapping works well enough. Some usability issues in how connect, sign is displayed visually, I think you’ll likely see falloff there, just give the button a CTA color and you’ll be good.

Product wise through, let me creat pairs, let me create l2 liquidity for tokens. Uniswap is successful not because they have a quick seamless experience, it’s because everyone puts their tokens there. Let people create their own liquidity pairs and you’ll see more use and hopefully token price also go up.